My brother and I began mowing lawns in our neighborhood back in high school. I even had to hire someone to drive the truck because I was too young to obtain my driver’s license at the time.

For the next few years our reputation and client list grew as we worked hard making sure our properties looked the best that they could. In 1991 I went on to Bentley College in Waltham, MA to further my education, all the while continuing to grow and develop more interest in landscape. These were exciting days in which I met new people, got some great exercise working outdoors, and learned many things in school that could be applied to NatureWorks. After successfully balancing a full time curriculum and working to meet the expectations of our clients, I completed my bachelors degree in Business Management in the spring of 1995.

As many of my college roommates were interviewing for positions, I focused on applying to our landscape business what I had just learned during the last four years. Through my day to day observations, and listening to the feedback from our clients, it became overwhelmingly clear that there was an opportunity for a landscape company to grow and develop based on both strong horticultural and business principles. It was a “win-win” situation where I could continue to do what I love, provide a place for others to work and grow, and deliver a unique service experience to our clients.

This is when I was able to put “both feet” into the business and build a team that would help me create a leading company in the area focusing on residential landscapes. Fast forward 20 years to today and we’ve continued to build on that reputation for being a premier residential landscape company providing design, installation, maintenance, and gardening services to discerning clients south of Boston.

The next 23 years will be equally as energized here at NatureWorks. If you’re a current client, thank you for your business, and if you’re considering becoming one, we welcome the opportunity to be a resource and advocate to you and your landscape.

“NatureWorks has worked for my husband and I for over thirteen years. It has been an excellent decision to hire the company to take care of all our landscaping needs.”

– Jane Doe