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Design & Construction

Whether it’s a lawn renovation, small garden makeover, specimen tree planting, outdoor kitchen, pool, lighting, new estate installation, or anything in between, we can collaborate with you to design it and build it. And our maintenance expertise informs our design – we know which plants, hardscape materials, and design conventions do and don’t work for the long haul. Just because it looks pretty on paper doesn’t mean it’ll last long in reality.

“Walking out to my patio the other day, I found two butterflies dancing in the blossoms of a new border. Just a few months before I had asked NatureWorks if they could include butterfly-attracting plants in our design; and here was the answer in living color. I have worked with other landscape designers and found the communication difficult. With NatureWorks, I know the vision my husband and I have for our property will be heard and brought to life in every bed, planting and vista.”

– Robin Hauck, Dover