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Plant Health Care

Got boxwood? Crabapples? Arborvitae? Oaks? Folks mistakenly think of these New England classics as “low-maintenance”. Not so fast! Each of these plants comes with a host of problems. Boxwood are a haven for several disfiguring and lethal pests; crabapples require fungicide sprays to minimize the disfiguring and defoliating effects of apple scab; arborvitae can split right down the middle under even a moderate snow-load AND are top of the list for deer browsing; and even our stately oaks are currently in jeopardy from the utter devastation of the gypsy moth caterpillar.

Our PHC program takes stock of all the plants in your landscape and calibrates a custom program to monitor, manage, and nurture both your specimens and backbone plants for the most beautiful effect and for long-term health.