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Fine Gardening

Plant-geeks to our core, we love tending your gardens. Whether it’s simply pulling weeds or the detailed diligence required when deadheading spent flowers, staking perennials, and hand-pruning shrubs, we care for your gardens as if they’re our own. Any gardening team on your property will have at least one team member with a state horticultural certification, so they really know their stuff. They are a resource you can easily approach with questions and they are delighted to share their knowledge.


Mulch – Leaf Duff

Stop the mulch madness! At their worst, many traditional bark mulches are dyed with chemicals that can leach into your soils. Less offensive, but still not great, bark mulches are generally inert, offering little if any nutritive value. Leaf duff mulch eliminates both issues. Made of natural forest “litterfall” – leaves, twigs, stems, & bark – and considered “garden gold”, leaf duff is an organic mulch alternative that nourishes your plants by nourishing your soils. It’s installed in a state of partial decomposition, so it’s actively releasing nutrients directly into your soils the moment it hits the ground. With a finer texture than bark mulch, it doesn’t form that hard impenetrable and unattractive crust that often results with other mulches, and it still suppresses weeds and helps the soil retain moisture.

“NatureWorks offers the best service we have ever received from a gardening company. After visits, the garden crew even leaves us fresh cut bouquets salvaged from the cuttings. So, so, so impressed!!!”

– CC, Northborough