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Tree Care

The mainstay of your landscape, trees provide the biggest impact: they are ecologically critical, aesthetically dominant, and can increase your property value if nurtured properly. Our tree team is led by certified arborists who proactively review your trees each year and provide care recommendations. They look for a wide range of potential issues as well as opportunities:

  • hazards to your home or other buildings

  • vulnerabilities to storm damage

  • rotting due to disease, insect infestation, or poor growth

  • encroachment and jeopardy to other plants or lawn areas

  • obstructions of views or passages

  • poor structure or form that threatens the long-term health of the tree

  • poor structure or deadwood that is visually unappealing

  • hedge care to maintain screening

  • espalier and specialty pruning

This team operates a 72’ tracked lift – one of just a handful in New England – which enables us to operate in very tight, difficult spaces to access. Its tiny footprint is able to squeeze through spaces as small as 36” wide.

“I met Brian today who is lovely.  He really seems to enjoy his work!  Thank you for having him come – the trees look great.”

– NS, Wellesley